– Mark Itri, IP Partner, Morgan Lewis


“After almost 17 years with my firm, it was time to move my practice and team to another firm that prioritized and identified my practice area as strategic for the firm.  To begin my search,  I reached out to Larry Watanabe due to his great reputation and years of experience placing and matching attorneys with the right firm.  When I contacted Larry and expressed my desire to interview with firms that matched certain criteria that I was looking for in a firm, Larry understood the issues and needs of locating a firm that would welcome my practice and my team.   Within a day, Larry presented me with a list of less than 6 firms that I should focus on.  He presented me with all of the reasons why each firm would be a possible match.     As anyone going through this process would understand, the firm search and interview process is extremely stressful.  In this regard, Larry made the process less stressful and had all the information regarding each firm and the interview process readily at hand.  Larry proved himself to be the right person for this task by having all the appropriate contacts at each of the firms and was able to go directly to the decision makers at each firm.  After selecting the firms to speak with, Larry took over the process and scheduled all the meetings and providing the firm with information about my practice and team as well as providing me with information about the firm, it’s finances, management style and profiles of the individuals that I would be meeting.

After the interviewing process ended for me and offers came in, Larry helped me understand the offer and it’s benefits.  In addition Larry then took over the coordination of having my team to speak with the final candidate firms.  This next step was potentially a logistical nightmare (since there was over 40 attorneys and non-attorney individuals) to coordinate all of the interviews and offers.  Nevertheless, thanks to Larry’s years of experience placing not only attorneys but groups with firms, the entire process was seamless and stress free for all involved.

To sum up the experience,  I had laid out the criteria and conditions of moving my practice and team to another firm and Larry met the challenge and came through with not only a firm that met my needs but also the needs of my entire practice and team (now over 50 team members). Larry has the right firm contacts and experience to make the process easy. He handled all of the details and coordination of meetings, materials and information.  I am very pleased with Larry’s handling of the entire process with 5 firms which took over 3  months.  From the beginning to the end of the process (even after all of the offers were accepted and the team has moved to the new firm) Larry has been in constant contact with me providing me with updates and stress relieving discussions. As overwhelming as the process is, Larry made it easy and less stressful.  Thanks Larry!!!”

- Jennifer Lee, Financial Services Partner, Arent Fox
- Bruce Steinert, Corporate Partner, Perkins Coie LLP